How to Download Login on Android and iOS device is one of the most popular email providers in Germany and offers a number of features that make it an attractive choice for users, however, if you don't have access to a computer with installed on it, then you won't be able to use these features. Luckily for Android and iOS users, there are ways to download the login app onto their devices so they can enjoy all of's features wherever they go! Login on Android and iOS device

If you're looking for more information on how to do this then read below where we will take a look at just what steps need to be taken in order to get your account onto both iOS or Android devices.

How to Download Login on Android and iOS device

  • If you're an Android user then the first thing you need to do is head over to the Play Store on your device, search for "" and select it from the list of results that appears before tapping install. It'll take a few minutes for the app to download and then it should pop up with a welcome message.
  • If you're an iOS user on the other hand, all you need to do is open your Safari browser, go onto's homepage in order to find their "Login" button at the top of the screen before tapping on it once more when it appears on the screen. This will automatically take you to a new page where it should say " Login: Tap for more information" - tap this and then select download in order to install the app onto your iOS device too!

How to Login on Android Device

The next section of this article will deal with how to login on Android devices without too much hassle. Here, we are going to show you a step-by-step guide that should help get the job done in no time at all. For those who do not know yet - is an environment for free email and other services, such as calendars and photo galleries.
  • Open the app on your Android device from the home screen or app drawer of your phone. It is also possible to use this guide if you are running an older version of Android than Kitkat (Android OS) - just omit "Open" in step one below;
  • "" is the default sender name, so you do not need to enter it in your email address field
  • Enter your account's password on the next screen and tap "Login".
  • You want to confirm that all information is correct by tapping "OK", then press “Sign up for”.
  • Tap "Start" on the popup screen to continue with email setup and add your mobile number - it is advised that you enter a German landline number; if you want to use another country's phone lines, make sure they are connected through VoIP services first. Free international numbers can also be used here for Germany 

How to Login on iOS

The following tutorial will walk you through the process of logging in to your account from an iOS device, like iPhone or iPad:
  • First, open the Safari browser and go to
  • Type in your email address or login name and click Sign In on the keyboard once it appears in the text field of search results. You can also type "webmail" as an alternative if you're not sure what this is called with other browsers.
  • Next, enter your password and click Sign In.
  • If you're successfully logged in, the top of the page will change to "WebMail". You can use this as a shortcut for logging out if you want at any time by clicking on it again.

What is Kroger store locator?

Kroger surely is one of the largest and most helping grocery chains that happen to exist in the United States of America. Along with the huge variety of services that it offers to the customers, the grocery chain also has a huge number of benefits in store for the customers. These benefits are more than enough to make the shopping experience of the customers worth it and to make sure that they are provided with the services that they asked for. There surely are several different services like the Kroger plus card that are meant to ease up the usage by the customers. One such service is the Kroger store locators.

Kroger store locator

The store locators

The Kroger store locators are widely famous, and these are meant to help the customers and specially designed to offer them the ease and convenience that no other store in the competition can offer. The Kroger store locator is the kind of service that has been loved by a huge number of people and is also said to be extremely helpful as well. The basic operation that it performs is to help the customers to locate any of the Kroger stores in the country.

With the help of the Kroger store locator, the customers can find out each and everything about this grocery chain that they wish to know. The chain has been expanded to a huge number of cities and stated in the county, and it is hard to keep track of all of the stores. That is where the Kroger store locator comes into the story to help you out. The Kroger store locator can easily help you to locate any of the stores that are present near your current location. This is to make sure that you can get the information required about where to shop after that you can also give here.

How does it work?

The process behind the working of the Kroger store locator is extremely simple. First of all, you need to visit the official website of the Kroger and select the store locator option that is present over there. If you are unable to find the option, you can also search it by entering the name in the search bar and hitting the enter button. By this, you will be able to find what you were looking for.

After reaching the destination, you will have to enter the zip code of the area that you are finding the Kroger store in. You can also enter the name of your city or state to start with the search. The browser will easily help you to gather more results regarding the location of the store that is located nearby.

If you do not want to use this option you can also begin the search by click on the “search using my location” option that is present over there. By clicking on this option, it will begin to collect data about your present location and show the results accordingly.

Top 10 Email Services in India : Editors Pick

India is the top developing country in the world right now with the fast-growing economy. the pace at which the Indian economy is growing it has been suspected that India is supposed to become a superpower by the year 2020. the technological advancements in India might not be at par with developed countries like the USA or Canada right now but soon enough India is going to be alongside the likes of such countries for hotmail.

An economy where everyone has access to the internet with the help of subsidized and cheap networking in the form of jio whose main goal was to provide competitive pricing and digitizing India.

We have seen many changes being implemented in recent times which make for a better environment which is friendly for people who are technological enthusiasts. Today we will be discussing some of the best email services which will help you to sign up for services. India is still developing and people are yet to get self-sufficient in the Quest of searching the internet,  thus here we are to help you all who are looking for a way to get their identity online. Here are the top 10 email services in India.

Top 10 Email Services: India

Gmail is one of the most world-renowned emailing companies out there and has been helping out people with all there needs. Gmail has been around since 2004 and is the number one emailing service in the world right now with over 1 Billion users on a daily basis.

Hotmail is the oldest free to use service out there which provides top quality emailing for absolutely free of cost. Hotmail has been around since 1996 and has many unique features that you won't get anywhere else. has been around for a long time now, and it's one of the few free services that offers top quality emailing facilities. It's been a reliable service for many years and has served as an important communication tool to billions of people around the world. If you're looking for an easy way to contact friends or family then this is the perfect website for you!

Even if you haven't heard of this website back in the day it used to be one of the most popular. Rediff is known for its meticulous news related blogs but it also has a mailing client which helps people get the best usages possible.

Rediffmail is an online web service, a free to use email service provider that offers high-end emailing services. There are many features of Rediffmail that make it stand out from the competition and increase its popularity among internet users. For example, you can create your own domain name for your email account using this mail platform. This is a great way to get more customers interested in your company because they know that their emails will be delivered to their inbox instead of spam folder.

Zoho Mail
Zoho is an Indian company that provides people with Internet-related solutions. one of the most popular solution that it's offers these days is its emailing service. Zoho provides people with custom domain name emails which are suited I really for businesses.

Zoho Mail is a web-based email service that allows users to manage multiple accounts and send attachments. Zoho Mail began as an open source project in 2001, but the company has since shifted focus from free products to paid versions of its product line. The main features include: is one of the first and the most basic mailing websites that you can find to date. It gets the job done and is ideally suited for people who use email only for communication purposes. makes email more secure.We all know that sending sensitive information over the internet can be very risky because anyone with an internet connection and a little tech knowledge might intercept it. Anyone who is looking for personal data will find it in one way or another if they try hard enough- this includes hackers as well as state actors like Russia and China

The outlook is a rebrand of hotmail inkorg and has been providing similar services for quite some time now. it Has been in the works ever since Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1996.
For many people, is the default e-mail service provider for Windows Live Hotmail. As of 2014, it has more than 400 million active users and three times as many total accounts (hotmail, outlook) as Gmail in a given month. It’s one of the most popular web services on earth today

Yahoo! Mail 
Yahoo is most notably known for its search engine but today it provides people with email services as well. it has a unique interface which makes it all the more interesting to use, and also keeps things organized.

Yahoo! Mail is a free email service that provides many features and benefits, such as inboxes for multiple users. You can access your Yahoo! mail via the mobile app or through their website on any computer. They offer unlimited storage capacity which means you don't have to worry about deleting emails before they pile up in your inbox. 

Yandex is the Russian counterpart of Gmail and it is quite famous in India as well. Being use and throw email Yandex husband used for creating many fake accounts and thus the user base is quite high in India. 

Yandex is a Russian-based company with offices in many countries around the world. They have grown to be one of Russia's largest internet companies, serving over 100 million people and hosting a number of popular services like Maps, Shopping & Media.